Our Vision & Values

On a social level, Imagine Church exists to re-create our city by being a “faithful presence”  in places of culture such as the arts, business, community groups, design and technology, education, family, government, health and others.

In a time when our city and many cities in the world are affected by economic, political and social upheaval, (including epidemiological), there is a need for a steadying, balanced and compassionate presence of community and faith. Our city needs more than political one-sidedness or economic re-structure, it needs the creative energies and talents of all people to help in a re-creating.

Every city has its attractiveness and its fallenness. By “faithful presence” we mean our members’ calling and mission is to bring God-inspired flourishing through innovation, justice and equity in places of work and industry.

On a personal level, Imagine Church exists to help every person experience the abiding love of God, increasingly in their spheres, and sometimes “storms” of life.

By every person we mean the active inclusion of people irrespective of religious background, gender, culture, race, nationality, educational, social, financial, hierarchical or residential status. Like the human body has multiple and diverse organs, each providing valuable functions in keeping of health and well being, so it is with a community (1 Corinthians 12).

What are the effects and benefits of experiencing the abiding love of God? By experiencing the love and power of God through the gospel of Jesus, we can enjoy and achieve three things: re-connected relationships, the un-leasing of our own creative talent and confidence in our voice for the poor and oppressed. Let’s break these down here.

 1. To help people experience the abiding love of God, increasingly in every sphere and “storm” of life. We ask the question:

  • What is the difference between religion (in a ritualistic sense) and ?
  • God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him may be saved (John 3:17)

2. To help people connect and reconcile the sometimes “rollercoaster” relationships (family and friendships)

  •  How can we develop our emotional intelligence to stay strong and steady in troubling seasons?

3. To unleash creativity in the “soil” of home and industry

  •  What are we good at, and how are we meant to use our gifts and talents to make our cities flourishing places?

4. To help people discover and articulate their voice as overcomers in times of oppression and injustice

  •  What can we do in your immediate sphere of influence to speak up for the poor and the oppressed?

Abiding Love of God

learn, experience grace


Re-Connected Relationships

joy, forgiveness, transparency

Creative Work

gifts, talents, home, industry

              Confident Voice

              overcome, articulate, justice

Our Values

Transparent Conversations
Positive Words
Lifelong Learning
Reaching the Poor
Everyday on Mission


Vehicles (how we serve)

There are four essential aspects of our life as a community. These are designed to help us be refreshed in our identity (through God’s word, the Bible), rekindle our joy in community and stir our hearts to generous hospitality and mission to others. We encourage all our members to participate in all of these to some degree.

  • Weekend Sunday Gatherings
    Every Sunday essential gathering together as a church under…
  • Connect Groups
    Connects are “missional communities” of 10-12 people, where eating, chatting and doing life together are high valued. This is where we draw wisdom and hope from the Bible, refresh our identity, encourage one another and create plans for practical mission to neighbour.
  • Prayer Groups
    Groups of 2 or 3 of the same gender able to share issues, confess issues, repent and pray for one another in the light of Jesus and His freedom and love.
  • Community Outings
    Community Outings are organised hikes, outings, dinners, movie nights and community gatherings that enable activity, social interaction and a wider sense of community.

Wider in Mission

Local Mission (Albion & Sunshine)
CBD Mission (Melbourne)
Global Mission (Australia & Asia)