Our History

Imagine Mission (Est 2004)

The Asian Tsunami in December 2004 saw a tragic loss of life and intense suffering for millions of people. Even as this catastrophic event was unfolding, a small band of people on mission were flying over the turbulent seas into Asia with a message of love and hope. The need to rescue girls vulnerable to abuse soon became a project and the project soon turned into a vision for hundreds of lives being impacted through the formation of Imagine India.

Since 2004, the team and supporters of Imagine were able to start up and serve in a number of humanitarian causes such as the Talitha Tsunami Girls Rescue Home, Indikids (kids in child labour), church planting, Quest Global (entrepreneurship training), Sewing Initiative (micro business), Kids with HIV and Mission Teams (serving teams to India and Asia)

Imagine Church Sunshine (Est 2014)

In 2014 Imagine launched Imagine Church in Melbourne’s West with a vision to bring the love and hope of God to the region of Sunshine and beyond. We serve a beautiful congregation about 14 kilometers west of Melbourne, Australia.

In late 2013 two zealous couples conversing in their Melbourne lounge room began dreaming of creating a community amongst the diverse multi-ethnic working class suburbs surrounding Sunshine.

We did indeed become melting pot. In our community of ninety people there are at least 20 different cultural groups represented, including Pilipino, Italian, Malaysian, Anglo Australian, Maltese, Latino from Peru and El Salvador, Lebanese, Polish, Burmese, Sri Lankan, South African, Greek and Indian. We are a vibrant, loud, “colourful” community that enjoys sumptuous ethnic food, good Melbourne coffee and relationships that include a fair amount of hugging and patting on the back.

Imagine Sunshine exists to be a lighthouse of hope to those who are searching and pools of refreshing to those who are hurting in Sunshine and Melbourne’s West.

Pioneering Vision (2019)

Imagine continues to have a pioneering approach and we are aiming to launch a new gospel centred congregation closer to Melbourne’s CBD in Melbourne’s North with a small group of local business owners and young adults who have recently completed university and aspiring towards the professions.



We wake up in the morning to hear from God, love and serve our world … because Jesus approves who we are and what we do (1 John 4:19)


Our mission is to help those who are interested discover Jesus, find joy in community and become generous bold reflectors of Christ in their places of industry.



We help people become positive influencers in their home, work and places of community through Life on Life coaching and support which includes;

  • Bible investigation and Journeying (through coaching, supporting and equipping)
  • Providing an ecosystem for learning and equipping
  • Creating opportunities for launching and pioneering new ventures
  • Prayerful directions and decision making


Imagine invites and includes people who live in Melbourne’s West and North.

  • If you are considering Christianity we welcome you to join us in our events online and local so you can get to know us
  • If you are local to Melbourne and looking for a church, you are welcome to check us out
  • If you are joining us online and want to learn more about our current series, welcome
  • If you are already in a local church, enjoy our recorded series and continue to support your local church pastoral team and community.

Be sure to know that you are welcome!