Can you remember the moments that have had a profound impact on your life? We hope that your spiritual and creative journey will have more inspiring moments through the habits and disciplines of Bible, Prayer and Learning.


Let the ancient text and the promises of God empower you.

4 Levels of Bible

  1. Watch and enjoy the story of Jesus in the TV series The Chosen, via mobile or tablet by downloading the app.
  2. Explore short, visual overviews of the Bible Books on video through the Bible Project.
  3. Enjoy a guided journey through the Bible in a Year listening to Niki Gumbel on the web or through an app.
  4. Deepen your everyday experience with God by reading the whole Bible in a year, every year with this 5 Day a Week Bible Reading Plan.


Find your voice and your heart, as you speak to God’s heart.

4 Ways to Pray

  1. Find God as Father through ‘Crash Landing Prayer‘.
  2. Experience repentance and forgiveness through the Prayer of Examen
  3. Find ways to meditate (Word of God) and contemplate (God Himself) through Lectio Divina.
  4. Breakthrough difficult relationships, disorderedness and decisions through sustained prayer and spiritual warfare.


Sharpen your spirit and ability for creative purpose.

4 Options to Learn

  1. Catch up on our free, curated short courses for your journey, at Imagine Learn.
  2. Ask about our in-person and online courses available through our connection with City to City.
  3. Ask about how we can support you achieve the Certificate of Ministry (Leadership) at Alphacrucis College.
  4. Ask about how we can support you achieve Diploma of Entrepreneurship at Alphacruscis College.